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Run along with Fletch

I’ve been a little quiet on the writing front recently, mainly as I’m getting into the routine of daily life and I’ve recently been able to go on some days out which were a lot of fun! A couple of months ago I had a great idea of running a virtual half marathon, mainly toContinue reading “Run along with Fletch”

Running In The Rain

Is one of my favourite things to do at the moment! After all the heat we have had, it was so nice this weekend to run in cooler conditions and not worry about getting burnt! I have always struggled running more in the summer, as I feel lethargic and my hayfever likes to play up.Continue reading “Running In The Rain”

Run For Fun!

Earlier this year when I was marathon training, the miles started to drag, and running became more of a chore. Mainly due to the amount of injuries I kept getting, at one point I was covered in Rock Tape! However, during Lockdown it made me take a step back and appreciate running for what itContinue reading “Run For Fun!”

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